Ray's Success Story!

Ray came to us back in September 2022 and had been suffering from IBS for 3 years.

He had battled so many symptoms and psychological effects over the previous 3 years:

  • Constant Bowel Movements (After Antibiotics: Constant Diarrhea)
  • Daily Pain in Lower Abdomen - felt like ‘a tiny needle was poking all day
  • Tried Everything: 20 Different Diets
  • Went to Every Doctor
  • Had Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Bloodwork & was Told ‘You’re Ok’
  • Felt life was on ‘hold’ for 3 years
  • Worst Times: Couldn’t get up from bed, going every hour
  • Felt it was Taking Over His Life’
  • Didn’t Feel Like There Was a Solution
  • Was Not Able to Go Out in Society & Not Worry About Food
  • Used to Be an Extrovert - “Happiest Person He Knew”
  • Mental Health was Affected - Felt Depressed - ‘Debbie Downer’
  • Hadn’t Had a Relationship for Years

Since he lived in New York City and used to be very social, One of his Big Goals was to Go Out to a Party (Raves, DJ …)

After working with us for 12 weeks, he not only regained his health and rebalanced his body, but he Got a Better Job AND took a month long vacation in Japan -one of his dreams!

Now he can be himself again and enjoy freedom!

Clips from Ray's Food Journals While Working with Us:

Ray 4
Ray 3

Ray at the End of the Program, Ready to Go Live His Life:


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