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MORE Success Stories:


Connie Struggled With A Mix Of Diarrhea and Constipation

Connie came to us with a 25 year history of digestive issues, oscillating between diarrhea and constipation.  She would go upwards of 3 days with constipation and then suddenly have violent diarrhea.  This would last for upwards of an entire day and was completely debilitating...

Glenn's Diverticulitis Success Story

Back in 2020 when Glen came to us, he had diverticulitis, left side pain under the ribs, symptoms alternated from diarrhea to constipation, explained how Naturopaths “shrugged their shoulders” when he consulted them about his symptoms, had so much discomfort, and even had to take a trip to the ER.

14 Years Old and Trapped At Home To Freedom

Heather and Marissa seemed to have no hope. At 14 years old Marissa was trapped at home with NO ANSWERS FROM THE MEDICAL FIELD.  They'd seen specialist after specialist. Every test, every drug, and every diet had been suffered through...

Ray's Success Story

Ray came to us back in September 2022 and had been suffering from IBS for 3 years.

He had battled so many symptoms and psychological effects over the previous 3 years that he didn't feel like himself anymore...

Ulcerative Colitis to Freedom and Relief!

Franklin came to us after suffering with horrible digestive pain for 10 years.  He had maintained a pretty healthy diet and his doctors put him on Prednisone every time he had a terrible flare up.  Then, in January 2020 he started having blood in his stool again...

Stefne's Success Story

Stefne came to us feeling hopeless.  She was 81 years old, living alone and dealing with the embarrassing symptoms of excessive gas and diarrhea which were negatively affecting her quality of life and social life.  She explained that hadn’t had friends in 30 years and that people would tease and harass her due to her excessive gas (flatulence) problems.  She felt hopeless and stuck having to deal with these horrible symptoms for the rest of her life.

Dennise's Success Story

Dennise had battled digestive issues for YEARS. When she came to us, she had stubborn Constipation (took medications w/o lasting results), Bloating (some days, stomach looked ‘pregnant’), Abdominal pain (sometimes needed a heating pad at night), and Felt her gut was ‘lazy’ and that food would just ‘sit there’ on left side of abdomen.

Accident's In Grade School To Freedom

When 8 year old Brooke came to us, her digestive pain was so bad she was having accidents at school in class.  After seeing many doctors and specialists with no improvement in Brook’s symptoms, her parents were at their wits end of what to do for their little girl...

Rosemary Couldn't Find Any Answers To Her Gut Health Problems

Rosemary lives in Canada and had been seeking health advice and solutions to her health and digestive problems for years.  She knew that gut health was of utmost importance and was taking a daily probiotic.  Yet, it was not solving her health problems and even appeared to be making her symptoms worse.

Parker Stevenson

Parker's Photo

Business Owner

"I almost don't recognize parts of me that were there before I started working with Jake.  Through Jake's program I became a new person.  The mental and psychological part of Jake's program is what shocked me the most.  In terms of how it has allowed my mind to be freed up from my thought processes.  Jake takes serious the mental anguish people go through and addresses it head on.  That hope and seeing that the work I'm doing is giving me results is freedom.  Those sparks of hope and sparks of excitement about the future that I've never felt before is something I thought I was never going to have.  I just hope that at least one more person jumps on this and changes their life after me.  That taste of heaven I've had so recently after doing Jake's program is something I never thought I would experience again."

Alfred Waller

Alfred Waller

Trainer For Higher Education Faculty

"I'm a gay male and it came up when working with Jake.  I was carrying that around and thinking it was something wrong with me.  Growing up being bullied and not feeling like I was fully accepted by my parents.  Thinking there was something wrong.  I carried that around day in and day out.  Even if things got better on the outside.  There was still this inner critic within me.  What I realized in working with Jake is that it's ok, you are enough.  Just being yourself and living in your truth.  I no longer have that anxiety on my shoulders thank to Jake."

Heather Moeggenborg

Mother of Our Client, Marissa...

"The program was the whole gamut of what we need.  We used to be all stress and worry.  Now it is all care free and freedom.  What Jake's program is is more than here's a technique on how to breath.  It involved the mind and the body connection.  It was so built into that it becomes a ritual.  Do the program.  Don't even think twice about it.  It is so worth it.  Jake has given us life skills to be successful for the rest of my daughters life.  Instead of medicating and hiding things.  8 weeks was so worth the healing my daughter experienced.  It was a wonderful program. "

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