Noor's Success Story!

When Noor Came to Us, She Was:

  • Battling Constipation
  • Not Enough Elimination
  • Gas after lunch & dinner
  • Fear that IBS will Turn into Autoimmune Disease
  • Her Major Concern was Not Having Optimal Health in Her 50-60s
  • Concerned her IBS Symptoms Would Turn into an Autoimmune Disease
  • Very Frustrated
  • Wanted a Better Quality of Life for her and her family (husband & 2 kids)
  • She Felt like She was Letting Her Husband Down & Wanted to Be a Better Wife
  • Tried Candida Diet & Liver Detox, Supplements& Anti-fungals - Didn’t See Any Results
  • Tried to Avoid Oxalates & Paired with Calcium   
  • Didn’t Want to HAVE TO Avoid Gluten & Dairy for the Rest of Her Life - “the Human Body is Designed to Enjoy Treats”
  • Experiencing Difficulty in Relationships

Noor came to work with us and used specific lab tests to find out what exactly was going on in her gut. She then followed a very specific strategy to bring her digestion back into balance.  She followed our Microbial Matrix and took the probiotic strains that were best for her body, based on her lab results.

After working with for us for 12 weeks, her constipation and SIBO symptoms were gone and her digestion was back to normal with daily consistency in her BMs.

She is able to eat the foods that she wants that make her feel good, go to parties with friends and family and eat gluten when she wants, and maintain balanced and healthy digestion.


Clips from Noor's Food Journals While Working with Us:

Noor 2
Noor 4
Noor 5

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