Karmin's Success Story

When Karmin Came to Us, She Had:

  • Been suffering with IBS for 10 years
  • Constipation
  • Very Diligently Followed a Strict Diet & Supplements with No Lasting Results
  • Major Gas Issues
  • Major Anxiety & would Freak Out about Eating Out at Restaurants
  • No Interest in Life
  • Battled Migraines (All day migraines- every few months)
  • Worked with 10 Doctors/Specialists: Chinese herbalist, Medical Dr. - Practices Functional Medicine, Functional Medicine- chiropractor, Traditional Naturopath, Doctor who was an Acupuncturist, Health Coach, Wolfgang Health consult, Advanced Homeopathy, Sibo coach, Chiropractor
  • Tried Gaps diet, LowFODMAP Diet, AIP Diet, Paléo Diet, Leaky Gut Diet (No gluten, sugar, nightshades, caffeine, nuts, diary for 2 months  Cut out all supplements- 2 treatments per week for 2 months  - then down to 1 per week.  Had 30 treatments in all - didn't stop constipation or migraines),  Maluca tea $200 2xs a day for 30 days,
  • Tried probiotics, parasite killers, infrared sauna and grounding pad, zeolites,  gallbladder flushes,  Rife machine,  sauna, series of colonics, acupuncture - but with No Lasting Results
  • Multiple Lab Testing: Genova, SIBO and GI map test, Muscle Testing for Parasites, GI-MAP Testing
  • Become More of a Recluse Over the Years due to IBS (not because she wanted to ..)
  • Didn’t Feel Safe to Dream for the Future due to IBS - Felt like She Lost Her ‘Dream Muscle’
  • Was Very Scared, Couldn’t Figure Out How to Get Her Health Back
  • Would Get Very Mad at Her Body for IBS Symptoms
  • Felt Like She was Wasting Her Life Away
  • Felt like a Prisoner to IBS

When Karmin came to work with us, she gave us a list of the 10 different doctors and specialists she had worked with over the past 15 years for her IBS symptoms and all the supplements, tests, diets, therapies and programs she had done. She worked with a Chinese herbalist, a Medical Dr. who Practices Functional Medicine, a Functional Medicine chiropractor, a Traditional Naturopath, a Doctor who was an Acupuncturist, a Health Coach, a Wolfgang Health consult, a practitioner in Advanced Homeopathy, a Sibo coach, and another Chiropractor.  But none of these doctors, specialists, and therapies gave her lasting results.

Although she had already worked with so many other doctors/specialists and did other programs, we helped her in a way that no one else had before. We guided her in addressing the other root causes of her IBS: Trapped Stress/Trauma and Emotions.

This was when her health started turning around.

She also followed very specific strategies to bring her digestion back into balance.  We used specific lab tests to find out what exactly was going on in her gut.  She then followed our Microbial Matrix and took the probiotic strains that were best for her body, based on her lab results.

After working with for us for 12 weeks, her digestion was brought back to normal. The gas was gone. She was having regular BMs and no more random, unexpected days with urgency.  Her migraines lessened dramatically and became few and far between.

She was able to out with friends at a restaurant and eat out. She is also able to visit her mom in Georgia whenever she wants to, now that her body and mind are healthy and balanced.

IBS is a whole body issue. This is why we spend 50% of the program addressing lab results, eradication of pathogenic bacteria  and gut infections and re-inoculation of safe probiotic strains that won’t cause digestive problems AND the other 50% of the program we address releasing trapped  stress/stored trauma in the body and switching the body from the fight/flight/freeze (the Sympathetic Nervous System) to repair/rebuild/restore mode (Parasympathetic Nervous System).

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