Dennise's Success Story!

Dennise had battled digestive issues for YEARS. When she came to us, she had stubborn Constipation (took medications w/o lasting results), Bloating (some days, stomach looked ‘pregnant’), Abdominal pain (sometimes needed a heating pad at night), and Felt her gut was ‘lazy’ and that food would just ‘sit there’ on left side of abdomen.  She experienced frustration and sadness due to these symptoms as they were taking a toll on her marriage, her friends and co-workers.

When we had received an email update from her on her progress! She shared:

“ … immediately started to notice my stomach in a lot less painful and 80% less bloated. Seems that it has also had an impact on my bowel movements have become more frequent.”

“… I definitely think for sure I had SIBO due to how much better my stomach is feeling now …”


Dennise sent us this email update when she started addressing SIBO and had huge breakthroughs in bringing her body back into balance.

Dennise Email

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