Brooke Went From Accident's In Grade School To Freedom

When 8 year old Brooke came to us, her IBS-D was so bad she was having accidents at school in class.

After seeing many doctors and specialists with no improvement in Brook’s symptoms, her parents were at their wits end of what to do for their little girl.

Fast forward to today and she now has such vibrant and pure health that she’s having regular bowel movements and able to be a kid again…

Here’s a snippet directly from one of her weekly food journals (documented by her diligent mother):

A Clipping of Brooke's Journal!

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Brooke and her parents were super successful with our methods because:

1) They put Brooke’s health as #1 priority and decided that RIGHT NOW was the time to take action

2) They decided to do whatever it took to stop this horrific disease.

3) They followed our plan to the point of obsession.

Having an effective plan in place and the needed support around them, this made Brook's path to freedom from IBS-D symptoms possible.

Words can not describe the relief Brooke’s parents felt when they were able to help her fix the root causes of what was causing her IBS-D symptoms so she could get her childhood back. She could finally feel what it was like to be a vibrantly healthy little girl.

Brooke's parents had our methods the tools to not only address root causes of what had ignited Brooke’s IBS-D in the first place, but they could ensure that their little girl would be safe from ever having reoccurring issues of IBS pop up in her future.

Brooke was finally protected and safe from those symptoms ever ruining her life again.

The best part about this success story, is that it is repeatable one!

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